Gail Vallance Barrington, professional writer and program evaluator, shares a lifetime of experience with you!

Based on her 35 years as owner and manager of an independent consulting firm, her insights, practical tools, and lessons learned will help you thrive in the dynamic field of evaluation.

Gail is a Credentialed Evaluator (CE), certified teacher, and mentor. She has completed over 130 evaluation studies in education, health, and research. She continues to write and teach about her experience and how what she learned can benefit you and your practice.

Gail Vallance Barrington


Evaluation Time:
A Practical Guide for Evaluation

An accessible, contemporary, and comprehensive guide to the concepts and practice of evaluation. Authors Gail Vallance Barrington and Beverly Triana-Tremain integrate new approaches and concerns, and classic frameworks with practical models, tips, and tools that you can use to design your evaluation studies.

Consulting Start-Up & Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers

Looking to start up your own research and evaluation consultancy? For more than 30 years, Dr. Barrington has offered popular workshops to help evaluators and applied researchers determine if they have what it takes to succeed as independent consultants.


About Gail Vallance Barrington

Gail owned and managed her consulting firm,  Barrington Research Group, Inc., for  35 years. She provided consulting services in program evaluation and applied research to a wide variety of clients in government, the postsecondary sector, and healthcare.

She has learned so much in her many years as an evaluator, consultant, teacher, and professor and she loves to write about and share her many hard-won lessons. She authored two texts, Consulting Start-up and Management: A Guide for Evaluators and Applied Researchers (SAGE, 2012) and Evaluation Time: A Practical Guide to Program Evaluation, with co-author Beverly Triana-Tremain (SAGE, 2023), and a number of articles and book chapters. 

She holds degrees from McGill University (BA), Carleton University (MA), and the University of Alberta (PhD, Educational Administration). She taught program evaluation and research skills to Masters students at Athabasca University, the University of Alberta, and Michigan State University for many years. Now she offers webinars, writes blogs, and mentors emerging evaluators. She’s also trying her hand at writing fiction and poetry.

Honors include the Canadian Evaluation Society award for Contribution to Evaluation in Canada (2008), Fellow of the Certified Management Consultants of Canada (2014), the American Evaluation Association’s Alva and Gunnar Myrdal Award for Evaluation Practice (2016), and Fellow of the Canadian Evaluation Society (2018).

Personal Note

“It has been a great career so far and I am so grateful to my family, clients, colleagues, and consulting comrades who have helped to make me who I am today. I have so much to be proud of. I encourage others to consider a career in consulting if they are up for the challenges and the rewards that await them.”
Gail Vallance Barrington
Gail Barrington
Writer, Consultant

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